#decODEconversations Episode 6

| 17 March 2022

The sixth decODE conversation is titled ‘Newer Frontiers of ODEs: Skills, Mobility, Commerce and Beyond,‘ featuring Anjali Bansal, Founder, Avaana Capital, and Sujith Nair, CEO, Beckn Foundation. In this decODE talk, they take us through some fresh ideas on democratising e-commerce and creating a marketplace for jobs. Some highlights:

  • [03.02-09.00] —Tracing India’s digital public infrastructure movement
  • [09.04-17.20] — Unnati project: a platform for skilling and jobs
  • [17.22-25.40] — Beckn, e-commerce, and interoperable specifications
  • [25.43-38.36] — Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC)
  • [38.38-42.51] —The way forward: Getting the DPI/ODE approach right
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